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Perfil de BeMyFriend

Me encanta:

Of course, I love movies and know all about them. I love music and also ... I love sushi and wine. Imagine you and me, cinema and wine. What's next?

No me gusta:

Uuh. You already know so much about me. Can you really hurt me? Do not...


Imagine a dark room and a lot of armchairs. And a huge screen. Do you guess where you and I are now? We're at your favorite cinema. I have a large basket of popcorn in my lap. You are near and my hand is in your hand. The movie begins. Are you surprised? Of course you are surprised. You see yourself on the screen. And next to you - me. After all, the main characters of this film are you and me. What is the genre of this movie? Let's come up with it now - fantasy, detective, thriller or romance? Uuh, we're also directors and writers. How cool is that! I'm ready to shoot, are you? Hurry to join, otherwise you will miss the most interesting!


  • La edad:: 25
  • Aterrizaje:: straight
  • Residencia::
  • Tamaño de la copa:: C
  • Figura:: M
  • Pais::
  • Origen:: european
  • El color del pelo:: brunette
  • Constelación:: aries
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