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Perfil de ENigmatic

Me encanta:

What excites me and really enjoy it is the seductive dances laughing playing mischief plays open-minded everyone always a good feeling that not so the other way around but yes

No me gusta:

I am open to new challenges, whatever pain brings sadness Unfortunately, we will not be happy with the arrival of I benefit no one respect everyone Mea culpa


Hello I am enigmatique and yes is one of the well known enigma I tell of the day heel heel heel heel big about myself and how I am am am am am confident as a person I am excited to step into the world this is new for me off and a teenager men must have men and I am Job rather I am a stylist fashionistas my make clothes I like personal humor and norm that is my medication for couples my heart hahaha


  • La edad:: 42
  • Aterrizaje:: bisexual
  • Residencia::
  • Tamaño de la copa:: D
  • Figura:: M
  • Pais::
  • Origen:: arab
  • El color del pelo:: brunette
  • Constelación:: virgo
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